Martello Alley

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Martello Alley

Address: 203B Wellington St, Kingston, Ontario K7K 2Y6, Canada
Phone: 613-767-2966
Open Hour:
Description: A quirky and fun art gallery located in an old alley in downtown Kingston Ontario. It is Ontario’s only alley art gallery. The indoor gallery is located at the very end of the alley, beside the courtyard. The other ‘shops’ you will see are not really shops at all – they are facades created to make up a little ‘village’. Currently there is a ‘fleuriste’ (flower shop) and a ‘poissonnerie’ (fish shop). In reality these are the back walls of the restaurant next door. The door to the ‘fleuriste’ is not a door at all, and the door to the ‘poissonnerie’ is the back door/delivery to the restaurant. The ‘lighthouse’ and the ‘buoy’, complete with seagull and nest, are there to store and conceal the restaurant’s garbage bins and kitchen oil drum. I will be creating more themed ‘shops’ this summer, and they will also serve as backdrops for the outdoor art that will display in the corresponding themed area.

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